3 Minds Digital
3 Minds Digital

3 Minds Digital is a team of bright and innovative individuals

The child that was born out of necessity, 3 Minds Digital is a design and digital marketing agency that makes your dream requirements a reality.

We are a team of bright and innovative individuals who are adept at idea ting and creating beautiful and apt concepts. We invest in building a relationship with our clients with our consistently good work, our on-time delivery and by always focusing on the things that truly matter.

We prefer to get things done the best way possible as opposed to how they are ‘supposed’ to be done.

We’d like to consider ourselves to be the ‘Enablers of Digital Marketing’.

What’s in the name? Why named as ‘3 Minds Digital’?

The way the agency came together was truly a modern-day match made in investor heaven!

Sanjay Choudhary, a prolific entrepreneur, and investor connected Moulik Jain, Shubhda Garg, and Harnish Shah – 3 amazingly creative minds from diverse professional backgrounds, who he knew individually through his network to come together and become co-founders of a disruptive design and digital marketing agency – 3 Minds Digital.

Meet Moulik Jain, a serial entrepreneur who worked on several tech ventures before jumping on board as Co-Founder. He is a true tech-evangelist, constantly learning and visualizing how new technologies can be leveraged to maximize impact for their clients.

Shubhda Garg, the other Co-Founder, a wanderer and traveler at heart and after 8+ years in the corporate life jumped at this opportunity to lead her own venture. She has a Masters in Marketing Communications from UK and brings strategic brand expertise onto every single project.

Harnish Shah, the 3rd Co-Founder of this company, a graduate of Symbiosis Institute of Design strongly believes that design can solve untold problems. His vision and approach to design helps him excel his department. His expertise lie in branding, packaging and design processes.

What do you do?

At 3 Minds Digital, we combine design, communication, and digitization to help clients go beyond the conventional problem-solving approach with a proprietary process that creates a holistic road map for businesses to grow and better connect with their consumers in a result oriented, data driven manner.
➢ Web Design/Development
➢ Branding
➢ App Design/Development
➢ Digital Marketing
➢ Social Media
➢ Brand Strategy
➢ Packaging Design

3 Minds Digital
3 Minds Digital Team

We are the solution providers for all your Creative and Marketing needs.

Being a start-up ourselves, we truly understand what new-age companies need and what larger enterprises must embrace to stay relevant. We are looking at quality and not the quantity of work and leave our mark by the lasting impact we can create for businesses. We want to help build sustainable brands and partner with them through their entire brand journey.

We believe that we are more than just service providers to our clients. We consider ourselves to be more of a business partner who works with you to solve business challenges.

Our focal point is being ‘With you on your brand journey.’

Social Media Marketing today is characterized by relentless change. We rely on our experience and our well-groomed instincts, while we also keep a constant watch on the change of trends or the signs of patterns that lead to change.

We prioritize self-improvement to keep becoming better versions of ourselves. This helps us to keep up with the frenzy of tasks that we encounter.

We also evolve in the domain of the type of projects we take up. Any new challenge is accepted with enthusiasm and is worked on with a lot of research and experimentation till the perfect outcome is achieved.
Stress is on the importance of innovation, it is the key to our company’s success.

Social responsibility in social media

While we appreciate individuality and are open-minded about our approach to social media; we always hold onto our values and only post relevant matter on our social media platforms.

Need of Time

Since Social Media Marketing is becoming an increasingly large industry, ideas tend to become stale after a while. The need of the hour is to have fresh ideas every time to keep the viewers hooked. A well planned and thought through strategy can go a long way in getting your brand noticed amidst this social chaos. Embracing a holistic approach with an aesthetic sense of design can surely create a lasting impression in your consumer’s minds.

Learned the hard way

What we have taken from our journey is that we should invest in people with potential rather than having a huge mundane team. We handpick talented individuals and invest in their personal growth so that, in turn, they can contribute valuably to the company.

How did you share?

It actually happened this Children’s day. One of our clients uploaded a short video of her transformation from a baby to her current appearance – on her brand’s Instagram Page! We were lucky enough to catch it the moment it was posted and immediately alerted her to take it down.

Who are your clients?

We are thankful to our wonderful clients who have given us such interesting and fulfilling tasks. To name a few, our most recent projects have been with Ingram Micro, Fazlani Foods, IIT Bombay, Mitashi, TATA Trust, Infor India, Zee Entertainment, NeoSOFT Technologies, The Logical Indian, United Nations, etc.

Industry as foresee

Investing in Social Media Marketing is the best thing one can do to be a part of the new marketing revolution and everyone should keep themselves armed so as to not get left behind in the competition of the world of business. Integrating social media into the marketing mix as part of an effective outreach strategy can work wonders for your brand in terms of brand building and revenue.

A day without Internet

A day without Internet would be; 24 hours of masses of agitated people sympathizing with each other about their shared misfortune.

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