Fear of facing interview has forced Jatin to start Breezeway Tech


During schools and colleges, how many of us feared interview, feared viva, feared what the person sitting on the opposite side of the table will ask? I am sure many of us! That stress, that anxiety is comprehensible. But tell me, how many of us thought to be on the other side of the table someday and be an interviewer rather than being an interviewee. Very few of us, isn’t it? Well, this is a story of young entrepreneur who was satisfactory in studies, didn’t want to pursue higher education (but went on to complete PG), wanted to run a general provisional store (now running an IT company), was ambitious and of course, didn’t wanted to face interview! He is Mr. Jatin Deshaval.

Jatin owns “Breezeway Tech”, which was established on 23rd October 2016. It is India’s leading company for website and mobile app development. It mainly focuses on website designing, website development, mobile app development, e-commerce websites, customized web and mobile application development.

Jatin says, “Mainly we are providing customized solution for web and mobile app development. Many people are doing a great big business but they are managing their work in paper or they handle Excel sheets but we help them to develop a mobile app or web portal where we manage their whole business at one point.”


Initially, Jatin thought of starting a Kirana Shop business (General Provision Store). But during his MCA, he planned for an Oil Mill. But, he had to drop the plan as it was too expensive and he knew that his family won’t support. He was determined to start a business which will be affordable and monetarily supported by family.

One day his roommate suggested him that they should a give a thought on starting a business like website development, which required less number of resources and infrastructure. Jatin started doing research. Sooner, he got perfect idea for starting IT Company.

Jatin says, “I began with an investment of Rs. 10,000/- and one member. It took me six months from being a ‘Freelancer’ to being a ‘Business Owner”.


In HSC, Jatin secured mere 54% and decided that he won’t study further. He thought of starting a Karyana store (General Provision Store). But his aunt wasn’t happy with this. She asked Jatin to come to Rajkot and enrolled him in BCA College. Further, with the help of his aunt, he went to Ahmedabad and Breezeway was born. Now, he feels indebted to her for her priceless inputs.


Jatin says that he was afraid of giving interviews.  An interview was scheduled but he was anxious and afraid of different types of question which would be asked. He felt that it would be embarrassing if he wouldn’t be able to answer those questions. “It’s bad impression for me. So I never give an Interview and plan to start a new business where I can take Interview”, he laughs.


“We are currently based out of Ahmedabad. We aim to setup our marketing office worldwide. I believe that, in today’s time, entire world has to be the target area”, says Jatin.

Breezeway Tech now not only has individuals as their clients but also large Corporates. “We eagerly work with meaningful brands in order to help them connect with great minds”, adds Jatin.

Breezeway Tech offer solutions in PHP, Magento1 & 2, Laravel, Android and iOS.


Jatin wants that Breezeway Tech should be recognised as India’s top Mobile App and Website Development Company. He wants to lead staff of more than 100+ members. He wants to work with a Fortune 500 Company someday. The way he is progressing and is determined, it is surely possible!


I like to meet people who have struggled in their life and got success in the end. I like to discuss with them how they faced their problems and how they came out with solution(s).

Jatin has an advice for young professionals in general and budding entrepreneurs in particular that,

“Do not give up, it will take time, just continue working with full dedication. You will fail, so learn from your mistakes and work again, and again, until you get it right!”

Contact Mr. Jatin Deshaval

Phone/Mobile+91 84900 86749
Email info@breezewaytech.com
Website Breezewaytech.com
Facebook Facebook.com/deshavaljatin/

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