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Business Journey From Ms Renuka Desai To Dr. Renuka Desai

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Ms Renuka Desai Business journey From IT professional to Health Entrepreneur.

Dr. Renuka Desai Business Journey was started in the year 1992, while taking inspiration from her brother’s success as an Engineer; she entered into Computer Business, Training, Assembling, and Maintenance. With her active efforts, the business grew on a large scale, from having a single branch office to 3 branches.

Over a period of time, the business potential went down, due to change in IT Technology. The charm of IT technology faded and she moved into Occult Science, after spending around 10 years in Computer Business.

She was dabbling with the idea of changing People’s lives and learned different modalities of healings from Reiki to Bach Remedies. She learned Sound Healing and combined it with the help of Quantum Healing. Since her childhood, teaching is her passion, She feels that she can teach and simplify any subject to the Core. She is adept at creating protocols and created her own method.

Simplified Processes

When she was doing Computer Business, she is doing the same in health. And there she simplified the procedures that layperson people can understand and then she established her own Clinic, Consulting Centre with Machines and testing and treatment facilities in Mumbai in the year 2018, and dreams to set up such centers on Franchisee model all across India. Aartha Arogya is the founder-director, combining five Elements, and successfully treated patients from India n Abroad.

She considers herself a successful Entrepreneur in Health Sector. Because she could understand the mystery of the Universe. She got Cosmic Guidance and was guided to reveal the Secret of the Universe. Once you get to know that you get wonderful results. Her Unique Selling Proposition is her unique Protocol. The health diagnosis is usually done with the help of a Quantum method, Astrology, Face Reading, and Swaroday.

Her mission in life is that she wants to create Mass Health Awareness from the treasure that she has, and also someday she wants to teach her learning to someone worthy.

1. Tell me something you are learning right now.

Right now I am researching Electro homeopathy. In this therapy, the body is used to treating at the organ level with frequency.

It’s the oral frequency, which is with the help of the essence of Plants and Flowers. Also, she is learning Frequency Healing with Devices. (Non-Invasive)

2. What obstacles are you still working through?

The challenge is the Simplest Health Protocols. As people do not easily accept and welcome simplicity in terms of Health.

3. How do you spend your time outside work?

She is a Passionate Reader and has a Huge Collection Of original sets of Books.

4. What is the Best thing you have done last year?

Last Year due to stuck with Corona Lockdown, she spent Quality time with her family and also the Rest of the time upgrading her Knowledge. She also attended various Zoom Workshops and started Writing Book.

5. Would you rather be good at a lot of things or an expert at one thing?

As per the Journey of her Life, it has been good at a lot of things, and today she has gathered all the Nectar and made Expert Health Protocols.

6. Do you consider yourself a hardworking person or a smart working person?

As per her perception, Smart Work comes only after Hard Work.

7. When you are online just for fun, what’s interesting to you in terms of content and sites?

She loves listening to Chirpy Music.

8. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Her greatest weakness is Emotions

9. What are your Favourite five apps?

Some of her favorite apps are Astrosage, PicsArt, Zoom, WhatsApp, YouTube.


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