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The Success Story of Rashmika Vaghela, Founder of UNICO COMPOSITE PVT. LTD.

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UNICO COMPOSITE PVT. LTD. company, an increasingly popular material is Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Because FRP is a composite material made of a thermoset plastic resin reinforced by fine strands of glass. But once cured, the products provide superior performance characteristics to traditional building materials such as wood and metal.

But architects and engineers continue to step away from traditional materials. They are often inferior compared to fiberglass reinforced plastic. But I outlined the benefits of FRP products that set them apart from traditional materials below.

We at UNICO provide complete solutions right from the site visit so the design as per client requirement, but supply and installation of FRP products like FRP Grating and FRP Structural Profile, FRP Cable tray and FRP Pole, FRP Cooling Tower, etc.

We believe that FRP composites are already the best choice for reduced environmental impact, so long service life, and greater sustainability. And, unlike metals which have little potential for improvement and FRP materials will become even better.

A responsible corporate citizen and UNICO continually seek to improve its practices and through implementing its Environmental Policy in order to protect the environment while providing essential and environmentally friendly products to our customers.

Give Details of other Co-Founders and Partners?

  • Manish Vaghela
  • Education Qualification: B. E (Production), and MBA (Marketing).
  • Over 25 years of experience in sales.
  • Taking care of UNICO composite Pvt Ltd, but Business Development, and Production.

How did you come up with the idea of your business?

She was working with Reliance Industries Ltd -Dahej Plant, Gujarat. So, this gave her exposure to the industrial environment and understood that corrosion is one of the biggest problems for Industries. Because she sees an enormous opportunity in providing the solution for a corrosive environment.

What products and services you are offering?

We manufacture the following products

As technology changes, but UNICO continues to innovate and lead the pack in industrial FRP product design, supply, and installation. But the scale of products and projects can be massive and I can arrange supply on-site or large-scale modules and equipment I can bag or shipped to your facility, as needed. We go where you need us.

Continued innovation, knowledge, and craftsmanship, so experience and support are key factors for working with the dedicated team at UNICO Composite Pvt Ltd.

  • FRP Gratings
  • FRP Cable trays
  • PP FRP Tanks and Scrubbing system
  • FRP Handrail and Barricade
  • FRP Ladder,
  • FRP/GRP pipes and their accessories
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic equipment like tanks and scrubbers, blowers and vessels, etc.
  • FRP Watch Tower
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Canopy and Motor guards

We also provide the following services :

Fiberglass Fabrication

But UNICO Composite offers complete in-house fabrication capabilities for all FRP applications. Because some or all of the projects I can shop fabricate by UNICO. Some products such as handrails and safety ladders are normally only available in a fabricated form.

FRP Fabrications

  • Handrails or safety railings​​​
  • Custom railings
  • Industrial ladders
  • Walkways (grating or decking)
  • Building framing
  • Cooling towers
  • FRP Site office
  • Fiberglass walls
  • Fiberglass framing
  • Moulded Fiberglass Products​​​​​​

FRP Lining Services

But UNICO Composite provides FRP Lining Services. Because FRP Lining helps protect worn-out installations such as RCC structures. So, which is continuously exposed to moistures and Tanks, Containers and Vessels, Valves, and Rain Water Gutters against further damage due to rust and harmful U.V. So, raise and abrasion and corrosion?

What is your larger goal or vision? But what do you want to achieve from this business?

Her company vision is to be a reliable partner for but their customer for FRP and GRP products.

What best Marketing practices and tools that you always rely on the business development and marketing and branding?

According to her, so the direct customer approach is her marketing approach for business development.

Headquarter VADODARA
Founded (month/year) MAY 2016
Parent Organization UNICO COMPOSITE PVT. LTD.
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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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