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From envisaging to perceiving-a dream of creating beautiful and soulful spaces around her

Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

In our patriarchal society, it is uncommon to find women in management-level positions let alone women-led organizations. Opportunities were denied to give them a chance for decades and centuries. But since the last decade, things are drastically changing. Firstly, there was the entry of women in organizations at top ranks and important positions. There is a big contribution to the feminism movement in India and worldwide.

Women are speaking of “Equal Work, Equal Pay” which is commendable. But there have been several initiatives and opportunities to bring in gender equality literally in all spheres and sectors by Government, Civil Societies and Private Players. So even our Prime Minister has recently emphasized on moving from “Women Development” to “Women-Led Development”.

I am giving this narrative just because it gives me pleasure to write this story about Space Karma and its founder Ms. Shweta Jain. Shweta, a young Mumbaikar went all the way down breaking all the shackles in her path to establish a successful interior design company of her own. She has established the company and is leading the same as Principal Designer. I got an opportunity to see her work. It is exotic and elegant. The interiors can’t be better than this, I feel! Check the whole story below

About Space Karma

Based in Ahmedabad, Space Karma is a multi-disciplinary design practice. Because the practice takes a consistent and integrated approach to spatial design and interiors, so which are high on utility and sensitive to the client requirements taking utmost care of the final quality.

“Being a creative head, Shweta understands how important it is to constantly study new patterns and styles. So, We at Space Karma study the different designs that would be the perfect fit for your dream home ensuring their functuonality along with making them timeless in style.”

About Shweta Jain

Space Karma

Shweta Jain, the founder and principal designer at Space Karma is a qualified designer from Rachana Sansad School of Design. So, Mumbai Born and brought up in Mumbai, she kicked off her career in 2008 and worked there as a freelancer for 7 years post which shifted her base to Ahmedabad.

Your true self is depicted when you give a character and personality to your space.”

Shweta Jain
  • Teaches young designers at the CEPT University.
  • An ardent art lover
  • Space Karma represents the next big step in her journey from freelancing to setting up an interior design studio.
  • “I believe color speaks louder than words and I make sure to bring out your story through colors.
  • My mantra is Designing, Redefining, Restoration, Preservation and Conservation…

“My ultimate style statement is a home that speaks of who you really are and should have a collection of what you really love.”

When asked what inspires her?

Nature, it’s myriad colours and forms never fail to inspire me. Travel also brings in copious ideas. A very small town/city also has its own details, colours and language which if well interpreted could lead to an interior analogue of the exterior world. But design cannot have a standard protocol. Hence it should always evolve keeping in mind the functionality and comfort for the end-user.

Work process at Space Karma:

We at Space Karma work on a simple three stage process, which includes


The dream is defined after learning about the client’s goals, requirements, and preferences. Because the latter part of this stage includes the establishment of project scope, budget, and timeline.


The dream is now envisioned. Concepts, plans, and specifications are defined. So, Client’s input and approvals complete each milestone.


The dream becomes reality. But, rooms take shape, as they are furnished and furbished. Our entire team comes together to bring the plan to life. 


Space Karma deals majorly with four types of projects

  • Big Fat Interiors
  • Slim & Smart Interiors
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Travellers Home


As the famous proverb go,

“When you teach a man, you teach an individual. When you teach a woman, you teach a generation.”

Contact and follow Space Karma :

Company name Space Karma
Headquarter Ahmedabad, India
Sector Service Industry
Founder Shweta Jain

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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