Mr Mangesh Wadje_Director & CEO Highbar Technocrat(On the left),Mr. Tipu Munshi, Honorable Minister for commerce, Government of Bangladesh(In the centre),Mr Shameem Ahsan, Chairman, eGeneration(On the

India-Bangladesh Business Forum achieves 4iR R&D alliance between Highbar of India and eGeneration of...

The India-Bangladesh Business Forum aims to accelerate bilateral ties by transfer of knowledge and technology between the two neighbouring nations. This year, the forum assembly was highlighted...
Investment in yourself Covervideo

Investment in Yourself

Investing in yourself via Taking online courses, Asking Mentors and Review With Mentors, Joining Seminars and groups of people, Reading Good Books, Watching Motivational Video, Developing Soft Skills, Develop Proficiency Skill, Develop Grooming Skill, Develop Aptitude & Interpersonal Skills, Spent 30 Minutes Daily Alone

Revolution in IT Consulting and Emerging Tech adoption like Blockchain

TACTPRO Consulting was founded by Mr. Chirag Kapadia with the aim to create a significant space into IT Training & Consulting, Managed IT Services and Technology Transformation Domain.
sharing human talent

Why sharing human talent is a good idea for businesses?

Yes indeed, these are exciting times. We are inching towards a fully digitalised world, all thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. But this comes with its own set of challenges that confront every part of the society and business is no exception.
employee engagement

Enhance employee engagement or hire engaged employees ?

Profit being the key driver of any business, all its activities are necessarily aligned to achieving this goal. Employee engagement is one of the means being increasingly employed by businesses worldwide to maximize their profits.

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