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Team of EE goes the extra mile -“Entrepreneur Excel – Nexus”

Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 2.0 was all about going down the memory lane.. learning like a child, where no one is to judge your moves. You understand from your own strategy.. your own moves about your mindset on finance in a super fun loving full of learning way through India’s first financial board game. Members were invited at a playschool to play this game.. isn’t it exciting..!!?? They were amazed to learn about their Financial Mindset and how this mindset is becoming a barrier in their actual life to attain their Financial Freedom.
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Investment in Yourself

Investing in yourself via Taking online courses, Asking Mentors and Review With Mentors, Joining Seminars and groups of people, Reading Good Books, Watching Motivational Video, Developing Soft Skills, Develop Proficiency Skill, Develop Grooming Skill, Develop Aptitude & Interpersonal Skills, Spent 30 Minutes Daily Alone
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Tips to Clear an IAS examination & become a Successful IAS Officer

Becoming an IAS officer is the dream of millions of Indian students. IAS is an acronym that stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is a difficult and very competitive examination conducted by the Union Civil Service Commission. Only the most talented and talented young aspirants are able to take the exam because the selection process is rigorous and challenging. Becoming an IAS officer offers you great career options because you are part of the bureaucratic system and you have the opportunity to work from within. The salary of an IAS may not be too high, but the government offers many benefits that make the IAS career the most desired of students.
Planet Earthling-Acting Kindly - Greg Acuna

We really can change the world-Greg acuna

We really can change the world-Greg acuna The Planet Earthlings project was started to create games which empower people to make the world a better place. It’s the...

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