rehnuma-sodawala-skynet computeronix

Auto-rickshaw driver’s daughter Rehnuma Sodawala helping disabled people through technology and innovation

A 21-year-old engineering student and the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver Rehnuma Sodawala creates system that enables control of devices with movement of eyes.

Control your Bungalows and Offices with Futuriztic IoT based Mobile Solution

Futuriztic is an Ahmedabad based startup, incubated at GUSEC and founded by Radhika Patel; developing and offering Affordable, IoT based automation solutions for the masses. Solutions by...
Vibrant Gujarat Start-Up and Technology Summit 2018

Government of Gujarat and GESIA brings a mega event Vibrant Gujarat Start-Up and Technology...

The IT Industry began its journey as startup couple of decades back and today it has grown into a mega IT industry. The said IT industry today...

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