Parin Sanghvi & Prit Sanghvi founded Reelo to enable hyperlocal retailers intelligently engage with their customers


Founded by Sanghvi brother Parin & Prit Sanghvi, Reelo is one of the fastest growing startups in India. They enable hyperlocal retailers intelligently engage with their customers for personalization and making an AI-powered consumer experience platform simple, accessible and affordable. They have designed and built a digital platform that retains and engages real-time customers for retail businesses. 

Reelo captures insights, retains customers, sends highly targeted campaigns with the aim to retain end-user customers while simultaneously helps businesses measure results in real revenue. Reelo not only solves the current need to rope in continuous footfalls but monitors problematic areas and thereafter provides effective solutions to rectify the same, all at your fingertips in single clicks.  Loyalty programs have been around for so many years and everyone provides something which is aimed at acquiring new customers.

We view Reelo to fall within a much broader scope when it comes to customer engagement. We help SMB’s harness the power of technology and holistically analyze their customers’ behavior to help them grow their business.

Prit Sanghvi

With their pan-India presence in over 24 cities across India, they are empowering over 1700 businesses and are headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With a vision to bring the same to millions of retailers, they are focusses on using technology and data to transform the retail industry. 

Some of their key milestones include:

  • In the last 15 months, unprecendented growth from fro 80 businesses in 1 city to 1700+ businesses in 24 cities
  • Over 3M users engaged on Reelo’s platform
  • Over 8M loyalty points redeemed and 100K rewards redeemed

Big national and international chains and enterprises like Westside, Starbucks, Amazon with their deep pockets, have had the ability and opportunity to embrace new technologies to their advantage, however, local retailers have been left behind and struggled to follow suit. With customer insights and an easy to use system, Reelo solves the problems of complex and cumbersome customer management practices by deploying a loyalty marketing system which is both quick, easy-to-use and affordable. It provides businesses with access to large customer behavioral data, tools and insights that were previously available only to bigger competitors. Our aim is to astonish our local home-grown businessmen with the power of data and the revolutionizing change that it is bringing to the world today. 

Our mission is to help businesses turn every transaction into a relationship.

Parin Sanghvi

Contact Reelo:

Reelo team photo Townhall Meeting
Reelo Team

Phone:  +91-9484671618

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