LinkedIn Local Bandra-Entrepreneur Excels
LinkedIn Local Bandra-Entrepreneur Excels

Few networking soirees turn out to be a runaway hit on the launch day itself, and #LinkedInLocalBandra was one of them. The launch event on 3rd October saw a suave crowd of over 65 ardent entrepreneurs and corporate professionals turn up at the elite Restobar Escobar.

The evening was abuzz with intimate conversations over coffee, resource sharing, networking and simply building bonds. After a round of networking, the event saw a panel discussion on the theme of “Leadership In challenging times'”, with a fantastic panel of speakers like:
Prasenjit Bhattacharya : CEO , Great Place To Work Institute
Akanksha Hazari : Founder, mPaani
Gautam Ganglani : MD, Right Selection Publishers
This elite panel was moderated by Namrata Thakker, Business Consultant and the Founder of Entrepreneur Excel. She provides most impactful and innovative solutions for same, have coached in 40 different industries.

While each speaker shared valuable learning and were impeccably insightful, the few highlights which we took back home were:
People should invest in self development and focus on personal growth to become better leaders.

There is no economy in the world which works without building high quality relationships and creating high value
When starting out something new, listen to everyone but believe only in yourself and your ideas. If you have belief then go right ahead with it.
There will be sacrifices and a lot of ups and downs in the entrepreneurial journey. Tough times are an opportunity to build trust for a leader, use this time to build trust. Work with like minded as well as like hearted people.
Focus on your vision and do not get too attached to your product, as in these volatile times products and services will need reworking all the time
In these challenging times where nothing is constant, the only thing you can rely on is yourself.
And many more invaluable comments were shared during the interactive audience session.

The event was arranged in partnership with Entrepreneur Excel and the LinkedIn Local Bandra Team Mr Gautam Ganglani, Mr Mahesh Goklaney, Ms Payal Shah and Ms Nikita Vaswani. We offer gratittude to all who made the event a successful one.

EE Team: Bina Shah, Devisha Jatakia, Pooja Panday, Gifting Partner: Mahesh Goklani, Gautam Ganglani, Sangita Chandak & Sunil Gupta, Photographer: Pravin Maniar, Venue partner: Escobar -Tapas Bar

The evening ended with strangers becoming contacts and contacts becoming connections. Because we believe that your network is your networth and the offline connections made here are priceless.

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