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Following passion leads Vigneshwaran to his destiny from nowhere to the world of records

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Mr. Vigneshwaran is Founder and CEO of Nandha Infotech and holds the record for Creating 153 Web Applications Developed in 10 hours by an Individual which is approved by Universal Achievers Book of Records and Future kalam`s Book of Records. He received an honorary doctorate degree on 11/05/2019 from the Universal Tamil University for World records. Let us know the full story from Mr. Vigneshwaran in his own words…

Being a first graduate from my family, the world of technology and the world itself had hurled challenges at me with intimidating scenarios. It was never a bed of roses for me till my much-determined focus made it pretended to seem like a cakewalk. The word “exploring” in your life will cease to exist, if you’re not passionate enough. Even though technology has almost reached the tipping point of its evolution, it never reached the entire human race’s full potential. This made me take up the simple task of “delivering technology even to the remote minds”. This, being my mutter of success, has made me thrive in almost all scenarios, giving me the status of a budding entrepreneur with six-plus years of experience in programming and development.

How did I learn?

Soon after finishing my graduation, an opportunity knocked at my door, where both my physical and mental abilities could get exhausted to groom myself and to put myself in a position where I am now. Not to mention that this cycle is not yet complete to my inner self.

The One Big Problem I am Trying to Solve

Technological knowledge is still lacking among the youths, since this entire millennial generation is entirely dependent on a single “Search Engine called Google”. It is fair to say that we’re in a time where Google is the Einstein to every one of us. This is kind of an existential threat to human minds because as Stephen Hawking once stated artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”. Achieving a self-sufficient level of technological reliance only can let us off of this “great spell of AI”. To my surprise, the world that technology has exposed myself to didn’t make things worse, it rather made it better.

Find a Great Mentor

My mentor Ms. Vidya Nambirajan, CEO, Paramount Auto Bay Services, and Founder, Nambirajan Foundation Automobile Academy, Hyderabad, has aided me through every twists and turns during both my initial stages and till date.

My mentor, to me, stands true to the famous Winston Churchill’s statement “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”


Money is the Real Challenge when starting up!

Start-ups will face this big challenge “the initial investment”. Just like everyone, I had my days where it was so tiring for me to work on for hours to make a living. But then, the money that I earned out of my part-time freelancer as a tours & travel operator and from an event management company held me steady through that phase. Without this, it wouldn’t be possible for me to make up for the living that I am living in now. My investment is based on my month-to-month paycheque from my previous work. There are no investors and I’m the sole proprietor for this company.

Finding the Market

Finding scope isn’t that hard, since the rural areas — the place where I’m from – didn’t have that kind of development and lacked training. Only to find that even after finding the scope, there is another pit stop that’s stopping me from living my dream, the urban areas with a boatload of potential and opportunities.

So, in order to stand tall as a business and a person, we never compromised on the quality of work, but on quantity. So, we took up only the projects that would mean a lot to us and to our community and ventured on it without delaying further. I, as a person, had to personally showcase the skills and expertise, only to get more customers. This pushed me even further to take up this record event affiliated by Universal Achievers Book of Records.

Since then, we provided 100 % practical training to students, making them even more effective or on par with others in the urban areas. Regarding development, it was a different route altogether. We didn’t follow the footprints of others, rather we did competitive analysis for each and everything we developed and have provided the best solution for the customer, by making technology simple.

Competition and Friendship

Training individuals to get rid of the old pattern of technical syllabus and steering them towards the much-upgraded version of a technology. This is in terms of their thought process because if one thing has to take its stand, then some awful old-fashioned thought has to be uprooted.

We followed unique methodologies to train individuals. People are given a stand to experience what this competitive technical world wants, and individuals are given a perception of how to look and where to look for their problem. Everything goes in a unique manner and by working them all together into a bigger picture, you can find a person who can adapt himself to updates in this competitive technical world.

We are working towards expanding our footprint across India, even to the remote areas of this subcontinent. Also, there are few parts of the world, which needs a better catalyst to bring them up when it comes to technology in developing countries.

The Key Challenge: Revenue Generation

Our major source of revenue comes from Web and Software Development. Training is something that we do out-of-passion and we charge a very minimal amount for it.

Products & Solutions of Nandha Infotech

Vigneshwaran Training-vyapaarjagat


A web-based application that helps you to reduce man power with hassle free management along with better statistical projection.

Life care CRM:

Flexible complete management for clinics, diagnostic center, medical institute, and the best possible resource (Manpower) optimization. The nursing program is one of the challenging and complicated projects constructed in PHP. This project focuses on grouping the entire nursing community under a single roof and also incorporates many more functionalities like integrating the existing databases with our app, social plug-in, and functional integrations related to social networking.


One of our Indian projects, which is used to predict the crop and water level without spending money, data, information management and financial solution.

My car online:

Paramount M is a pursuit to perfection founded is a revolution in the automobile field. Along with this, we have The Cars, which is given to car reseller companies around the world. It’s a very common platform to maintain customer relationship management, human resource management, data and information management, and financial solutions.

Apart from the mentioned solutions, we have worked on several solutions for Agricultural, Biomedical, and Finance Industries. We are also working on a breakthrough VR-integrated Motion Capture suit for Agricultural and Medical Applications.

Major Services:

  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Application development
  • Technology Development and Skill Oriented Training
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Embedded Solutions
  • PCB design services

What else do I do?

  • To be actively involved in societal transformation is/has been/will be the most essential thing for everyone to take part in. I have been modestly contributing since my venture into this business. I am the VP of Brand Management in MOM for India, a foundation that has been very much active in women empowerment.
  • Apart from this, to place myself as an essential commodity to this COVID-19 crisis, I am acting as a mentor to Equizone Meditech for creating ventilators.

Where Am I Heading?

As a developing software company, our motto is not only to develop software and products for our end consumers, but also to fill the existing gap between students and the advancements in technology, which will, in turn, upgrade the technical skills of the individuals based on industrial needs.

Our strength is to show the young technical minds, the current modern technical infrastructure, and the futuristic project to help and provide service for humanity. By providing technical skills, we help students to make their innovation become a reality and also by helping them to understand the need for technology in various fields.

In the current year, we have reached over 1,50,000 students and entrepreneurs of various fields and given knowledge and exposure to them in the fields they have passion and desired to work

The Goal:

To lay footprints throughout India.

  • Impact the lives of 10,00,000+ Students across India within next 5 years
  • Help 1,00,000 small businesses adapt to the Digital Business Environment

Message to the New & Young Entrepreneurs

Following passion leads you to your destiny

About Nandha Infotech:

NANDA INFOTECH is a software enterprise run by “Multiple World Record Holder” with the guidance of global experts. The company is ingenious enough to explore and find their best solution to accomplish the client’s needs for enhancing the performance of the business enterprise. Nandha Infotech an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Nandha Infotech not only develops software but also trains fresh minds of the society in various streams. Thus far, we have trained more than 1, 50,000 youngsters around the world, making various achievements in various streams till date

Industries We Serve

  • Software and Virtual Reality
  • Defence
  • Auto Mobile
  • Bio Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics

Associated with:

  • Boston Infotech, US-based Software company
  • Incubated at EDII – Tiruchirappalli Agri-Business Incubation Forum (EDII –TABIF) , TNAU Trichy
  •, A unique traditional nutrient snacks provider through online
  • Vice President, Brand Management at MOM FOR INDIA Foundation

Industries We Serve:

  • Software and Virtual Reality
  • Defense
  • Auto Mobile
  • BioMedical
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics

Contact & Follow Nandha Infotech:

Company NameNandha Infotech
Admin officeVellakovil , Tirupur , Tamil Nadu , India
Corporate OfficeCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu , India
Contact Detail Phone+91 9952498572
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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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