WooHoo - Palak Madhwani
WooHoo - Palak Madhwani

Having established a network of more than 170 screens in 5 cities, 145 indoor and 5 outdoor screens in Surat, covering 70+ high footfall locations of the city. Apart from Surat, 14 outdoor screens in Ahmedabad, 2 in Rajkot , 2 in Morbi and 1 in Vadodara, WooHoo is the platform delivering ads to 3+ crore people on a daily basis. Currently catering to 500+ customers, out of which 30% are repeat customers.

Vyapaar Jagat recently spoke to Palak Madhwani, one of the four co-founders of WooHoo Screens LLP. Four achievers in their respective fields, Palak Madhwani, Surbhi Saxena Madhwani, Manik Madhwani and Saurabh Saxena, have over four years built a strong market niche for their organizations and are taking it to greater heights with every passing day.

Talking about the concept of their brand, Mr. Palak Madhwani shares, “WooHoo is a digital out-of-home advertising media. Our customers can opt for selective locations and duration, based on their budgets and business requirements. Our screens are centrally located and the turn around time for campaigns to go live, is within few minutes. We enable communication in various forms, including videos, images, slide shows or combinations of these.”

WooHoo is not a conventional out of home advertiser, in four years it has succeeded in filling several market voids, Mr. Madhwani mentions,“We do not want to just place screens and run video ads, we want to enable our customers with a platform to have video as their strong and powerful story telling medium. Along with their ads running, we have on ground WooHoo jockeys to ensure physical and tangible engagement for the brands. Dynamic and real time campaign updates, frequent ad updates during campaign period, campaign performance tracking through analytics, advertising space in tier II cities, video content communication, geo tagging, geo fencing and artificial intelligence enabled communication along with being cost effective and eco friendly, are some areas our brand has been aggressively addressing. We are only focused on providing digital OOH space, and this enables us to put all our efforts and technology in a focused direction, we provide a bouquet of whole city audience to our advertisers, therefore we cover local malls, multiplexes, commercial complexes, restaurants along with other high footfall areas. We are soon starting a portal, where our customers will be provided direct access for ad uploads and edits, making it a convenient experience for them to share their stories more smoothly and frequently.

This workplace of over 25 hardworking and smart working professionals, finds its keys clienteles in the Finance & Automobile segment, along with other areas including FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Jewellery, Corporate Multi Nationals along with Educational Institutes.

Sharing their trusted marketing tools and practices, Mr. Madhwani selects Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, Referral Networking, as some of the key choices. He considers ‘implementation of systems and processes’ and ‘recruitment of quality HR’ as some of the obstacles that he and his team are working towards addressing.

Taking pride in his leadership team and his employees, Mr. Madhwani lists down some of the many awards his organization has received, which include-

  • Mrs. Surbhi Saxena Madhwani (One of the co-founders) selected amongst 10k Women Entrepreneurship Course by Goldman Sachs in association with NSRCEL – IIM Bangalore. She was the 1st from Surat and 2nd from Gujarat to be selected
  • Selected by Microsoft for Startups under their initiative of Emerge10 – Highway to 100 Unicorns. Only company from Surat and among 10 from Gujarat.
  • Selected by TiE Pune for their Nurture Program.
  • Registered under Startup India Initiative by the Government of India
  • Smart Signage Partner of Samsung- Youngest in India

Speaking about overcoming challenges during this journey, Mr. Madhwani shares, “Some of the most important focus areas, include-

  • Product & Sales. Getting the best location can be correlated with production, therefore it is integral to select, maintain and retain the locations.
  • Sales & Marketing enabling Business Development is extremely crucial
  • Research & Development- Our organization is focusing heavily on this aspect, as we believe it is integral for any technology company to be updated with all latest tools and technology
  • Accounting- It is important to get payments and book profits on time. A sincere focus on payment cycle is kept in our industry to ensure healthy working capital cash flow.
  • Human Resources- It is important to ensure a skilled team is performing to their best. No automated programme can replace the upliftment and importance of HR
  • BTL activities- Product sampling and awareness programs for brands makes a close loop advertising of branding and on the spot customer engagement, which leads to satisfied customers and higher customer retention.”

Mr. Madhwani calls himself a “smart hardworking person”. He considers one of his oldest and biggest clients, Mr. Nishant Jaiswal as one of his biggest motivators.

Finding a perfect balance between ‘smart’ and ‘hard’ work

Speaking of their next steps, Mr. Madhwani shares, “We are constantly reading and analyzing the market to stay a step ahead of our competitors and several steps closer to our customers. We are currently focusing on video ads at waiting areas, example lifts, seating areas, queues in malls, multiplexes, restaurants, supermarkets, quick service restaurants, and commercial complexes. This area centric advertising is rare in tier II cities  in India and is expected to grow in the coming years. We are planning to target 11 cities of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and increase our market share in the DOOH  in the indoor screen network. As we continue to tap into our customers needs and requirements and continue providing them with the best solutions for their advertising needs, we would like to expand globally in the next 10 to 15 years.”

Measuring success in terms of financial stability and fame, Mr. Madhwani envisions the cumulative revenue of his organization to grow to INR 100 crore by 2022. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, making vines, watching movies  & web-series and travelling.

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