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How Bangalore based NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage and brand protection

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NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage while ensuring consumer satisfaction for brand owners using SCoT. SCoT provides brand protection and tracking using patent pending RUDS technology to address challenges in Counterfeiting, Tampering among others. RUDS positions itself uniquely in the global packaging security space with the ability to generate randomized unique signature from the same label/tag. With the power of authentication using a smartphone and itemized tracking portal available centrally, SCoT is a must-have brand protection solution for all brand owners and logistics companies.

Key factors that makes a technology completely counterfeit proof are:

  • Non Clonable – Cannot be copied and easily detectable when copied.
  • Verifiability – Enable authentication for Everyone, Everywhere without the need of special device, education/learning, expertise.
  • Tracking – Do not let gut feel, surveys and third party paint a picture for you. Nothing beats undiluted first-hand information.

SCoT empowers authentication at your fingertips using a smartphone. It allows for instant and precise authentication without needing any special knowledge or product expertise. Real-time reporting enables brand owners to take charge of the situation immediately, post-mortem only aids research, not revenue. Let unknown and mis-reporting (unintentional or with malicious intent) be a thing of past. Experience Reality as it is happening.

Education Qualifications – Koushik Banerjee

MBA in Business Administration and Management, General Management, Strategy and Finance (IIM Kolkata). I have had the fortune to have education in both science and commerce domain which has helped get a holistic understanding of various facets in running an organization.

Business Venture

When did it first strike you to start Your own Startup?

I have had stints in large corporates as well as startups. I loved the process approach of large corporates and the agility of startups. The idea of startup came when I discovered a void in the packaging security industry while the industry is experiencing a trend of moving to digital. Existing players are providing add-ons (“me too”) solutions as a patch which does not provide security from grounds-up. The opportunity to create a compelling solution with digital security as the base, led to the creation of NOOS Technologies.

How much time did it take you from conceptualisation of NOOS Technologies to actually launching it in the market?

It took me 2 Years to create a finished product that could solve the problems like Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper-evidence, Brand Protection, Track and Trace, using the same technology stack. I started working on SCoT in stealth mode in 2017 while we incorporated formally in 2018.

What problems NOOS Technologies solving?

Brand Protection, Counterfeit ,Tamper-evidence, Secure Tracking on a digital first engagement platform.

SCoT uses a proprietary algorithm to translate an artwork into digital “fingerprint”. The added advantage is that duplication of the artwork or re-use of the original artwork (in label format) can be detected easily using our smartphone app, instantly. Authentication using SCoT app occurs under 5 secs, even on the least performing smartphones.

What is your target market?

NOOS Technologies is currently targeting all manufacturing and logistics companies dealing with physical product. We are actively engaged with various companies in Pharma, Automotive, Luxury sector in India. Our goal is to go global in the near term.

What is the revenue model of NOOS Technologies?

In India, we are focussing on consulting and full solution deployment. For larger brands/volume customers, we have licensing model as an alternative.

Koushik Banerjee

Where NOOS Technologies based & What are your geographical target areas?

We are based in the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. We are targeting customers are India in the specific industries. Of course, we are selective about customers who are leaders in their respective industry and would like to bring in the next wave of packaging security.

Who are your biggest competitors?

In real terms, no one globally considering we provide disruptive packaging security without any change in existing packaging or use of special material, ink or printing technology. From a market standpoint, hologram and QRcode based implementations are our biggest competitors. There is of course a plethora of technologies available over the years, and even more now. We will feel accomplished once we have been able to migrate the industry from hologram, QRcode or other me-too solution to a simple yet powerful solution, SCoT.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our technology is the biggest competitive advantage. Our approach is unique. We use a mix of printable image or labels which are scanned using our scanner software (available on smartphone) with an integrated track & trace platform.

Larger goal or vision

Our larger goal is to help the unbranded be branded using the power of Advanced Digital Packaging Security of SCoT.

Koushik Banerjee

We are looking to use the leaders and innovators in India to bring about the change in the packaging industry. Using shared learning while working with these leaders, we would approach the global market using the first “Made in India” packaging security technology.

Company Culture

We are an innovation-driven and self-managed company. All our associates are driven by a purpose to make a difference, bring in technology advancement while keeping usability in mind. Being passionate individuals, everyone manages their time and work as information is shared and available to all.

About Awards and Recognition

From Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper evidence to Tracking and Brand Engagement Solution, NOOS Technologies is recognized as an innovation leader. We are recognised by DIPPT. Accelerated by PLUGIN (DST, Intel and SINE/IITB). We are also among TIE’s top 5 emerging IOT startups. We have received IPF Industrial Excellence Awards 2019, Karnataka Elevate 2019 Winners, Sanofi Pharma Bridge Award 2019, GHP Manufacturing and Packaging award winner 2019.

Startup Ecosystem Support

We are seed funded by the PLUGIN program and Derbi Foundation and we are mentored by Industry veterans including a couple of French Pharma MNC.

About DERBI Foundation

DERBI is Nurturing Young Tech Ventures, with its Expert Mentor pool, Investor & Ecosystem connect and State-of-Art Infrastructure.

DERBI Foundation is a Technology Business Incubator supported by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. DERBI supports startups in the space of IoT, AI in the verticals of Healthcare, Power, Water, Agritech and Industrial Automation.

DERBI incubation program offers seed fund support in addition to mentoring, customer validation, tech expertise access to market, business & ecosystem partners.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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