Odinub- Vatsal Maniar
Odinub- Vatsal Maniar

Open source hardware startup Odinub is India’s first IoT development board with computing power. Odinub is an IoT device which has on-chip WiFi, BLE and storage. Odinub has a community that encourage developers to tinker and build some innovative projects.

Odinub is a single board computer where people can actually realise how computer works and they can have the real-time feel of the computer. It has on-chip internet so you can take your creativity to the next level. Using this you can automate the things and learn in real time.

According to Odinub, it is

“a power-packed computer that redefine the computing industry as we know it. With a vision to miniaturize the board’s size, while getting more done, the technology aims to empower today’s youth by providing effective IoT and digital solutions that make them more connected to the world.”

Early Days

When did it first strike you to start Your own Startup?

We started this company when we were in our 7 semesters of our Engineering.

Vatsal Maniar

We saw a gap in between Educational system and Industry in the IoT domain. It took 2 years from conceptualisation of Odinub to actually launching it in the market.

Vision and Business Market

What is your larger goal or vision? What do you want to achieve from this Startup?

We strongly believe in making products that creates a difference to lives. Everyone at Odinub continuously strives to innovate and develop products that reduce operational overheads, and with a singular focus on performance, leading to a more connected and technologically empowered society.

Odinub Specification

Odinub has a on chip memory for fats booting and better computing power.

The Odinub SBC packs a 30-pin GPIO header with four analog input pins, and 5V/3.3V/1.8V output pins, for a variety of power options. There’s also an HDMI port, microSD card slot, SGX 3D Graphics engine, reset, power, and SD boot buttons, and accepts 5V (@2.5A) DC via a micro USB connector.

Odinub founder states the board will come pre-loaded with Debian, although you can use most Linux flavours, and Android will be supported in the future.

Awards and Recognition

Odinub Won Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit Grand Challenge

Odinub Won Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit Grand Challenge, Won Hacakday Bootstrap challenge as well as the GUSEC startup rise award.

Odinub empowers the youth by providing IoT Solutions

Now, we have a community which is a closed loop where innovators can get rewards in terms of goodies and IoT devices. Also, the local community will help and increase the productivity of project development for innovators.

Support of Incubation centre i.e., GUSEC:

Odinub has been incubated and supported by GUSEC, with the help of GUSEC Odinub received Gujarat government funding as a grant.

Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) is India’s leading startup support system, which has set an unprecedented benchmark by facilitating at zero-cost. Right in the heart of Gujarat University, with an ever-growing infrastructure, 80+ innovative tech and non-tech startups, GUSEC has played a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing the startup ecosystem in Gujarat.

Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC)

In terms of Numbers In GUSEC, they have 155 Startups Supported, 47K Students Educated About Startups, 290+ Jobs Created, 2.8 Cr ₹ Revenue Generated by Startups, 47 Startups Funded and they have 25 Product Startups.

The community hosts Diwali gatherings, monthly meetups called Docknings, and tend to unwind by playing board games and sports together. It’s believed that productivity has a very close relationship with the work environment, and here, it’s both nurturing and positive.

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