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Scaling the Heights in HR- Celebrating Success and Optimism for a Bright Future in Human Resources Consultancy Services

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“Good ideas are common – what’s not common are people who will work hard enough to bring them about..” these are the words of Ashley Brilliant, a celebrated British author, and syndicated cartoonist. According to Rinku Thakkar, the founder of Huptech Consultancy services, these words might have inspired a  beginning of a journey that has transformed from just an idea to one of the fastest-growing HR consultancy firms in India. 

Huptech Consultancy Services was conceived from the desire to see a change in how things are done in human resources circles. Having been in the industry for many years, I felt that there was a gap that needed to be filled. This year we will be celebrating 2+ years of our existence, but toasting to the achievements we have realized thus far. The company might have started off as an idea but today, it is a family of highly focused, ambitious and professional experts delivering the best human resource services to our clients.” Rinku Says. 

Raised in Gujarat, Rinku says her aim was to study Mangement. However, this was to change when she eventually secured an admission at GTU to pursue a degree in human resource management. Upon graduation, she landed a job as a human resource assistant in a prestigious company. She would later find this not as fascinating as she had expected.. Unlike most managers, this didn’t excite her as well but she learned how to manage people. 

I would oversee the entire process of hiring new talents and managing exits. The company I was working with had some stringent hr policies that I found uncomfortable. I would later ask for permission to draft new policies that would streamline operations at the company. The management was supportive and upon implementation, we saw employee retention rate sour from just below 80% annually to more than 95% within one year.” she says. 

Despite the good work, she didn’t feel appreciated enough as an employee. She would later quit the prestigious job to start her own company. “I didn’t where to start, but I felt relievedshe adds. Asked whether it is okay for young professionals should quit frustrating jobs to pursue their dreams, Rinku says, “you must have a plan. Take your time to have a clear business plan first, save enough money since you have to pay the bills before you submit that resignation letter. Quitting simply because you are angry at your boss because you were reprimanded for underperformance or gross misconduct is ill-advised.”

It took Rinku about three months to officially start the company. When asked why it took this long and yet she had a strategy in place, the founder of Huptech Consultancy Services is quick to point out that it is a process. You have to register the company, have a website in place, possibly find an office space, but she clarifies that an office is not a necessity in initial stages since one can start from home.

You honestly don’t need an office at the beginning. It will eat into your savings faster than you would expect. However, for my case, it was easy because I quit after I had already sealed a deal with my first client. All I needed was to work on the paperwork and regulatory requirements and put a team together”, she adds. 

To ensure that she offers services that are on-demand due to the “heterogeneity of HR consultancy”, in her own words, they decided to offer “something for everyone”. 

All organizations, large or small, drawn from any economic sectors, will find something tailored for it at Huptech HR Consultancy. We currently offer four main services;

  • Executive search:This is always the beginning of an interesting human resources story. Headhunting can be tedious, but we are always ready and at the service of our clients help them search for, and hire the best talent in the market
  • Temporary and permanent placement: Here, we target clients seeking longterm or short term placements. Some clients usually require employees when their production peaks at specific periods of the year and all they need are experienced people just for a short period while others are looking at forming a strong team that will steer their organization forward for as long as possible. Our job is to align our searches and placement depending on our client’s goals and needs. 
  • Recruitment process outsourcing: Recruitment is a tedious process. Our job is to take the weight from our clients, allowing them to focus and dedicate their time to their core businesses as we take care of their hiring needs. Over the years, we have built a rich database of experienced experts in various professional fields to ensure that we get them the right human resources as they concentrate on running their businesses. We have noticed that this will not just save time, but also money and other resources. 
  • Bulk hiring: This service is for those who are expanding rapidly and are in need of a large number of professionals from various fields and fast. Or maybe new companies looking to fill various positions. We are capable of getting the right people fast,” she says

Rinku is a firm believer of teamwork, attributing the success of the company to her team. “We started with just a team of three at inception but we are currently home to 10+ employees and growing. Ours is a formidable team that aims at guaranteeing our clients the best HR services possible.” She says, proud of her company’s achievements this far.Unlike other companies, she has enjoyed 100% employee retention rate. Anyway, who would leave a firm that shares bonuses every quarter, has a flexible working culture, free lunches and lots of benefits? That is a dream-come-through to most employees. 

But, what is her main source of motivation to keep offering the best services? Well, her answer is prompt; “as an organization, we draw our motivation by the desire to source the best talents from a pool of available professionals that suit every organization’s culture and share in its values. Our team of experienced human resources managers always gets out of its way to scrutinize and handpick the best candidates because we believe employees are the best resource any organization can ever have. A one-fit-all approach doesn’t work here; that is one of the reasons why we have managed to move from just one client exactly two years ago to 150+ today! It has not been through sheer luck or chance; it has taken effort, commitment and the right strategy to make this a reality.”

The company’s culture is pegged on its four core values of excellence, integrity, accountability and clarity which she terms “the pillars that hold us together” adding that it is precisely what they promise clients, and deliver. “We just don’t offer just human resources consultancy services, but commit to ensuring that our clients grow. Our desire is to ensure that we walk with our clients throughout their journey of success. Our services don’t just end with shortlisting or nomination of best talents, we follow through, ensuring that the promise we make is kept. She says with surety. 

Considering its spontaneous growth of the company, Rinku are in the process of expanding their services beyond India and target other markets globally. She believes that in an era the world is a global village, the web has unlimited opportunities.  

To young entrepreneurs hoping to venture into any kind of business, Rinku has some advice; “have a strategy. The worst thing that can happen to a young person is to let her idea remain exactly that, an idea. You should be ready to study your market and try out. You may not strike gold instantly, but the benefits will definitely come your way. And oh, do not quit unless you have a backup plan.” she advises. 

In 2020, our focus is to keep growing and ensure that every client gets the best of services from our wealth of expertise. We plan to expand the team even further so that are we able to offer bespoke services at a fraction of the cost. We plan to tap more on technology to make it possible for every company, large or small, to streamline their HR services. Moving forward, our current and future clients can expect nothing but the best from us. Plans are in place. The team has been rejuvenated. 2020 is the year when we unleash the best from all of us. Happy New Year!

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