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List of Top 10 Startups in Jaipur – 2021

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Jaipur is a city which is known for its pride, glory, and rich culture is in the transformation phase–the so-called ‘Pink City’ has now become a favorite destination for investors and top 10 startups to ideate, innovate and collaborate.

List of the top 10 startups in :

So, here is the list of the top 10 startups in Jaipur:


  • Founder- Amit Jain
  • Industry- Application Software

most popular Top 10 Startups in Jaipur

CarDekho comes on the first in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. I found it in the year 2008. It helps users to buy cars that are right from them. CarDekho gives rich automotive content such as detailed specifications, expert reviews, and prices, comparisons and pictures and videos of all car brands and models available in India on its application and website.


  • Founder- VishwasShringi & JagratiShringi
  • Industry- Jewelry Portal

Voylla comes on second in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. I found it in the year 2011. It is a one-stop destination of fashion jewelry with a robust online presence and an expansive retail presence of around 200+ stores across India. Voyllabegins its operations in Bangalore and then shifted its base to Jaipur in 2013, started selling men’s accessories from its stores in 2015.


  • Founder- AbhishekSoni & VertikaKedia
  • Industry- Fintech

Top 10 Startups Jaipur 2021 in india

Tax2Win comes on third in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. It is the startup working to help other startups grow. Tax2Win can assist in all tax-related issues. They can handle everything related to the tax on behalf of the firm. The startup does not have to worry about the ITR. They also provide CAs to assist you in filing IT if you wish to. Other than that, they have various kinds of financial tools available on their website.


  • Founder- PrateenGoel
  • Industry- Re-Commerce

Top 10 Startups in Jaipur

Instacash comes on the fourth in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. It is a website where people can sell their old phones. The company offers a home pick-up service and a good price on the phone. They use an algorithm to determine the price of the device the user is selling, the major factors being the market value and the current condition of the smartphone.


  • Founder- Arvind Singh
  • Industry- Legal Tech

Jaipur Top 10 Startups

Lexcart comes on the fifth in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. It is a platform where you can find and hire the best lawyer in any city or court in India. Lexcartis very convenient to find a lawyer. Most of the people that you deserve get professional legal advice from the best lawyers. The company is working hard to provide professional legal advice to everyone, only from the best lawyers.


  • Founder- Amit Deep Kumar
  • Industry- Food Delivery

KhanaGadi comes on the sixth in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. But It provides this special service to deliver food to trains. Because they even deliver you the food from any of the restaurants, and you can even ask for the custom orders. So, you cannot order it online directly. But they take orders via calls. So, Their number is available on Google.


  • Founder- Pravin Sharma
  • Industry- Educational Training

EShiksa comes on the seventh in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. But it is an education management portal that simplifies the management and provides facilities to an institute. Because it provides all the facilities of educational and business-like academic, administrative, and accounting activities.

Street Jumper

  • Founder- Ravi Poddar & TarinPoddar
  • Industry- Logistics

Top 10 Startups in Jaipur - 2021

Street Jumper comes on the eighth in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. So it is a logistics startup. Because it helps people to move local goods across the city. So, they can send or order anything from anywhere across the city. But, The company even aims to create a logistics network where the user gets connected to a verified and validated Jumper, who provides a personalized delivery service and completes the assigned task.

Desi Diaries

  • Founder- AnuragBajoria
  • Industry- Media

Top 10 Startups Jaipur in india

Desi Diaries comes on the ninth in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. But it is a media company that has a collection of many media channels based on the city news. Because they post local news, which is related to all the major cities, which include the Jaipur, on their Instagram pages. Their major focus is Jaipur, but they have a particular page for many cities.


  • Founder- SouravLodha
  • Industry- Jewellery

Top 10 Startups in Jaipur - 2021

KuberBox comes on the last in the list of top 10 startups in Jaipur. So, it is a jewelry startup that deals with a wide range of jewelry. Not just the jewelry for the ladies, but they also have jewelry for the men. This startup also gives an opportunity to other people to earn by selling their products to their friends and family.

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