EV tourism startup B:Live secured Rs 4 Cr

Electric Vehicle tourism startup B:Live today revealed that it had secured the strategic investment of INR 4 crore from the event and entertainment management entity...
CamfyVision,FacEAI-PRO,CamfyANPR team

Bangalore based CamfyVision launched two AI driven products FacEAI-PRO & CamfyANPR

CamfyVision is an Artificial Intelligence driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. CamfyVision is working on emerging...
ibHubs - MrRoom Your Instant Room Partner

Kanpur based Startup Mr Room helping in simplifying the process of searching for rental...

Every year 10 million students migrate to a new city and they face the same problem. They are missing their home and looking for a comfortable place to live.

Atomberg Technologies raises $10M in Series A

Atomberg technologies which are a Mumbai based startup has now revealed that it has secured $110 Million as a part of its Series A funding round led by the A91 Partners. The round also saw the participation from the Whiteboard Capital Fund and Survam Partners.
Myelin Foundry

Myelin Foundry secured $1M in Seed round led

Myelin Foundry, which is a Bangalore based deep technology product startup, has now secured $1 million in the seed funding round led by the Endiya Partners with an investment of $500000.

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