Rohan Shah-A Design and Innovation focused Consultant & CEO

A consulting firm focused on ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Innovation’, is not a concept that you would hear every day in India. It is a new...
CamfyVision,FacEAI-PRO,CamfyANPR team

Bangalore based CamfyVision launched two AI driven products FacEAI-PRO & CamfyANPR

CamfyVision is an Artificial Intelligence driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. CamfyVision is working on emerging...
Koushik Banerjee-noos technologies BANGALORE

How Bangalore based NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage and brand protection

NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage while ensuring consumer satisfaction for brand owners using SCoT. SCoT provides brand protection and tracking using patent pending RUDS technology to address challenges in Counterfeiting, Tampering among others.
Odinub- Vatsal Maniar

Vatsal Maniar & Kruti Panchasara made India’s first IoT development board with computing power

Open source hardware startup Odinub is India's first IoT development board with computing power. Odinub is an IoT device which has on-chip WiFi, BLE and storage. Odinub has a community that encourage developers to tinker and build some innovative projects.
Sea6Energy-vyapaarjagat-Group picture-Sea6

An Ocean Operating System: C-CAMP startup Sea6Energy’s modus operandi to bring ocean-based sustainable solutions...

Sea6Energy, one of C-CAMP’s most versatile startups is redefining sustainability by utilizing a commonly available seaweed to produce the world’s first ocean-based solutions for boosting agricultural output. Oceans are not our typical idea of a farm.

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