How Multichannel Marketing Can Help Business Succeed

The days of purchasing an item(s) from a shop or store located 5 km away from our house are long gone. With the advent of...
startup can share


The Shared Economy Concept, at its core, is based on the most efficient use of money and resources. In the era of start-ups, gathering the resources is the most challenging aspect of any start-up. The broader vision of the founders of a start-up need to be simplified into micro plans so as to achieve the objective initially set. These micro plans focus on the resource requirements of the start –up.
not to lose attention of Gen Z

How not to lose attention of Gen Z in the 8 seconds that you...

Over years marketing adapted well to changing times. From the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomer to Gen X and Gen Y, every period in time has heralded its own marketing challenges. Even so, the challenges posed by Gen Z to marketers are incomparable, as it is the first ‘digital native generation,’ a population that has never seen a world without the Internet and digital technology. The denizens of Gen Z have integrated technology seamlessly into their lives.
use emotions to market

How can you use emotions to market your product?

A consumer’s decision to purchase a product or service is dictated by several rational factors like pricing, utility, affordability, reviews and comparisons. But beyond such tangibles there is...

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