Anyray Investment -Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel Started Selling Insurances to help others

Even though Ravi has achieved 81% marks in SSC he decided to take Commerce/Common Stream while parents forced him to take Science and he started studying Science...
team - Kishor Kapadiya

Pi NUTRITION brings a healthier disruption in the traditional beverage market

Pi NUTRITION founded in Oct. 2016 by Mr. Kishor Kapadiya, Pi NUTRITION brings a healthier disruption in the traditional beverage market and will compete Coca-cola & Pepsico through the innovation and flexibility they got starting from the local market and then they will go global.

Largest Ureteric Stone Removed Without Surgery-Dr. Jignesh Hadiyal

Largest Ureteric Stone Removed Without Surgery Dr. Jignesh Manharbhai Hadiyal who was born on 21st February 1990, a homeopathy Doctor Niramay Homeo Care & Stone Specialist of Botad...

ICanCaRe – A Social Enterprise for Cancer prevention, early detection, rehabilitation and Wellness from...

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt. Ltd which is known as ICanCaRe is a social enterprise established with a vision to eradicate tobacco use from the Nation and make a clean, green, healthy and lively place to live on.
Konect Health award

Konect Health-1000 users and 60+ specialized doctors

Konect Health platform is envisioned and co-founded by a group of medical professionals and IT experts. Improvement in health and well-being of individuals and communities is the...

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